Kylie Jenner Summoned to Answer Questions Under Oath Regarding Tyga’s Financial Issues Kylie Jenner has been looped into Tyga’s legal battle. Celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben sued the “Rack City” rapper back in 2013, claiming he owes him an “excess of $270,000” in unpaid jewelry expenses. Now, the 19-year-old reality star must answer questions under oath regarding her boyfriend’s finances. Arasheben’s attorney, Danny Abir of Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo, tells ET that in addition to questioning Tyga, 26, about his support of income to maintain his luxurious lifestyle, he also plans to question Jenner about the extravagant gifts she’s received from him, such as aRead More →

Kylie Jenner ‘really upset as she’s set to be quizzed in boyfriend Tyga’s $200,000 lawsuit’ Financial problems have been hounding rapper Tyga for over a year, and now it’s been claimed that his girlfriend Kylie Jenner is about to be dragged into matters, according to a new report. It’s been claimed that a legal team that are representing celebrity jeweller Jason Arasheben have asked to question makeup entrepreneur Kylie in connection to a six-figure lawsuit filed by Jason of Beverly Hills against the Rack City rapper. E! News reports that legal documents have asked to interview Kylie before October 6 in the $200,000 lawsuit. “TheRead More →

Kylie Jenner’s Getting Sucked Into Tyga’s Debt Problems Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s love has withstood various trials and tribulations, but can it survive an actual trial? Jeweler to the stars Jason Arasheben has brought a lawsuit against Tyga, claiming the rapper owes him over $270,000. Since some of that dough seems to have been spent on super fancy gifts for Jenner, she’s going to have to answer questions under oath about her on-again, off-again boyfriend’s financial situation. Arasheben’s lawyer Danny Abir told People, “Our client, Jason of Beverly Hills, has a judgment against [Tyga]. Until he pays off this judgment, unless he has other meansRead More →

KYLIE JENNER GETTING GRILLED OVER TYGA’S DOUGH now square in the middle of Tyga’s financial nightmare, and it means she might have to sing like a canary about the expensive gifts he’s bought her … TMZ has learned. According to docs obtained by TMZ … Kylie’s agreed to answer questions about her bf’s finances. As we’ve reported … celeb jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, is going after him for a $200k debt — and this is the next step. Since Tyga has a history of buying Kylie big ticket items, like a brand new Maybach, we’re told the jeweler’s law firm — Abir, Cohen, Treyzon,Read More →

Kylie Jenner set to spill on Tyga’s lavish gifts Kylie Jenner is getting ready to talk about how much Tyga spends on her. Jenner, 19, has agreed to answer questions about her boyfriend’s finances as part of an ongoing case against Tyga initiated by celeb jeweler Jason Arasheben, owner of Jason’s of Beverly Hills, TMZ reported. Tyga, 26, allegedly owes the jeweler $200,000 after failing to pay for a gold watch and chain he purchased in 2013. Arasheben hired Los Angeles attorneys Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon of Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo, the same legal team Tyga’s former landlord Gholamreza Rezai used to settleRead More →

Kylie Jenner to Be Questioned Over Tyga’s Financial Issues Kylie Jenner is now involved in Tyga’s financial woes. A legal team representing celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben will question the makeup mogul in connection to a $200,000 lawsuit filed by Jason of Beverly Hills against her boyfriend, E! News has learned. Attorneys filed documents, obtained by E! News, order Jenner and the “Rack City” rapper to be available for examination prior to Oct. 6, 2016. According to TMZ, the six-figure suit stems back to a 2013 unpaid purchase of a watch and chain. “The examinations will be done separately and the line of questions will haveRead More →

Tyga Famous Jeweler Declares War Tyga may have opened the floodgates when he paid a fat settlement to an old landlord — ’cause a celebrity jeweler was paying attention … and hired the SAME LAWYERS to collect on his $200k debt. The man with the vendetta is Jason of Beverly Hills — who claims he got screwed out of some serious cash when Tyga stiffed him in a 2013 jewelry deal for a sick watch and chain. Jason went to court and got a $200,000 judgment against Tyga — but he hasn’t seen a single cent and was getting sick and tired of chasing hisRead More →

A Legal Twist In The Ezell Ford Case Two LAPD officers who fatally shot an unarmed black man in 2014 filed a racial-discrimination lawsuit against the police department Thursday, alleging their careers were curtailed because of their race and the race of the shooting victim. Officers Antonio Villegas and Sharlton Wampler claim their role in the shooting death of Ezell Ford two years ago led to unwarranted discrimination against them from other LAPD officers. Villegas is Hispanic; Wampler is white. Among their complaints are the loss of career advancement opportunities, denial of overtime and other benefits, and their continued assignment to desk duty during theRead More →