LAPD to pay $1.5M settlement for killing unarmed mentally ill black man The Los Angeles City Council approved a $1.5 million payout Wednesday to settle the 2014 police killing of Ezell Ford, an unarmed, mentally ill black man. The underlying pact was reached with Ford’s parents Edsell and Tritobia Ford last October but wasn’t official until the council voted 10-2 to ratify it. “They’re happy this is behind them so can move on with their lives, but this was never about money,” Ford family lawyer Boris Treyzon told the Daily News. “This is not what she was looking for,” he said, referring to Ford’s momRead More →

Chipotle customers sue because burritos had too many calories Chipotle customers are suing because of overstuffed burritos, saying that the company’s calorie counts were full of it. A lawsuit filed in California court last week says that the chain misrepresented the nutritional value and that consumers were “lulled into a false belief” that they were eating healthy. The menu item uniting the case’s three plaintiffs is the Chorizo Burrito, which the fast casual joint began selling earlier this year and advertised as 300 calories on overhead menus. All three customers said that they ordered the spicy sausage meal at different locations earlier this month becauseRead More →