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Sex Abuse

Sex Abuse

19 Aug

Understanding the Varying Types of Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual abuse encompasses a range of harmful behaviors that violate a person's sexual autonomy without their consent. Although women and children are often targeted, it's important to recogni...

10 Aug

When a Place of Learning Becomes a Place of Abuse

The prestigious Cate School in Carpinteria has the academic credentials that parents strive to offer to their children. With a 100-year history of producing leaders, the boarding school is a...

10 Mar

Southwest Implements New System for Unwelcome Behavior

In the transparent #MeToo era, reports of harassment and indecent exposure on planes have highlighted the problem on social channels. According to research, the incidents of sexual misconduct...

22 Jan

Can a Victim of Sexual Assault File a Civil Lawsuit?

A victim of sexual assault may file a civil lawsuit to obtain monetary compensation from the abuser and anyone else who had a legal responsibility to stop the abuse. As opposed to a criminal ...

8 Nov


As of recent, there has been a considerable amount of attention on the awareness of sexual assault. This has been further emphasized through the #METOO movement that surfaced in 2011, and tha...

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