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Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accidents

10 May

What are the Hazards of Defective Truck Wheels?

Truck accidents continue to be some of the most devastating accidents that occur on roadways across the United States. They cause massive property damage and severe, often fatal catastrophic...

16 Apr

Will New Truck Safety Laws Improve Roadway Safety?

There is no question that accidents involving large commercial trucks are some of the most destructive and devastating accidents that occur on roads and highways across the United States. Th...

2 Apr

Are Changes to the Hours of Service Regulations Compromising Safety?

The hours of service (HOS) regulations were established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to prevent devastating truck accidents caused by drowsy driving. Unfortunat...

1 Apr

How Do the New Securement Rules Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

Imagine driving behind a massive commercial truck that is transporting a full load of lumber when suddenly, the cargo comes loose, and a 10-foot log falls off the truck. One unsecured log ca...

2 Feb

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

With accidents involving massive commercial trucks, there is rarely such a thing as a minor fender-bender. In fact, truck accidents often cause major property damage, devastating injuries, a...

21 Dec

How Do I Hold a Truck Company Liable for a Truck Accident?

There is no question that commercial truck accidents are some of the most devastating and destructive accidents, given the size, weight, and sheer force of these massive big rigs. It is usual...

11 Nov

How Should Truck Drivers Prepare Their Vehicles for Cooler Weather?

In certain parts of the country, the fall foliage is in all its glory, and the crisp, cool air and shorter days are a reminder that winter is around the corner. For truck drivers, this time o...

19 Oct

How Will the Under-21 Commercial Driver Pilot Program Impact the Trucking Industry?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently approved a three-year pilot program that would allow drivers as young as 18, 19, and 20 to operate commercial motor vehicles i...

15 Oct

How Effective is Automatic Emergency Braking at Reducing Truck Accidents?

Owing to the massive size and weight of the average large commercial truck, traffic accidents involving large semi-trucks are some of the most devastating and destructive accidents. However, ...

24 Sep

Overloaded Truck Accidents

There are many reasons why drivers should keep their distance from large trucks. For starters, they are much bigger than other vehicles and present higher risks for crash fatalities. Many may...

10 Sep

Is Poor Training Causing Serious Safety Issues in the Trucking Industry?

The trucking industry is responsible for transporting over 70 percent of freight in the United States. However, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), there is a significant s...

17 Aug

Where are California’s Most Dangerous Highways?

California is home to several of the most dangerous highways in the United States, including Route 99 and Interstate 5 (I-5). Hundreds of motorists die in crashes each year on those roads, wi...

10 Aug

Can Poor Road Conditions Increase the Risk of Truck Accidents?

A truck accident can leave a trail of wreckage, including massive property damage and devastating injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, because the average truck weighs approximately four t...

6 Nov

Who is Responsible in a Trucking Accident?

There are many questions that surface when you are involved in a truck accident, especially if many people are injured by it. One question that surfaces could be what has actually caused this...

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