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Current Cases

    • Michelle Shirley vs. Torrance Police Department
      This civil rights matter arises out of the wrongful death of Michelle Lee Shirley, an African-American female, was gunned down by the Torrance Police Department on October 31, 2016. Plaintiff alleges that the decedent had been involved in an accident and was disoriented. When her vehicle came to a stop, Torrance police unlawfully and recklessly open fired on her vehicle killing her. Plaintiff contends that firing at a stopped or moving vehicle is against the policies of many police departments, whose deputies are instructed to never fire at vehicles unless a person is armed and threatening them. Michelle, a mother of one, was a graduate of University of California at San Diego and the School of Law at Loyola Marymount. The lawsuit has been filed by her parents.
    • Nutribullet Cases
      ACTS represents individuals and their family members whom suffered injuries when their NutrIBullet home blenders malfunctioned during normal use. NutriBullet and its subsidiaries have sold over 40 million of these dangerous blenders worldwide, with little concern for the safety dangers presented by their completely encapsulated design, which causes the blender’s contents to become over-pressurized and hyper-heated during use. ACTS’ clients have suffered severe lacerations, including the severing of fingers, and second degree burns when the encapsulated blender separates from the high-powered base during or after operation of the machine.
    • Tashi Farmer vs Las Vegas Police Department
      Decedent Tashi Farmer, an unarmed African-American, was held in a chokehold by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that resulted in his death. The officer used excessive force when administering the lethal choke hold. Plaintiff alleges that the officer was not properly trained. The decedent had recently moved to Las Vegas to build a better life and help provide for his two children. The lawsuit is being prosecute by his two small children.
    • Andres Alvarez v. Martinez Testing Service, Inc..
      Mr. Alvarez, an oil field worker, was working on an oil well located in Bakersfield, California and was performing tests on an oil well when during the testing operations, a dry tool used for pressure testing detached and shot out striking Mr. Alvarez in the head. As a result, a subcontractors failure to perform the testing in a safe and reasonable manner, Mr. Alvarez sustained catastrophic injuries, including a broken rib, two broken vertebrae, concussion, scalp laceration, and bilateral pulmonary contusions.
    • Miron v. Arts District Bar
      Plaintiffs’ went to the Arts District Bar to hang out. After leaving, one of them asked for re-entrance to use the bathroom. The doormen refused. Plaintiff went across the street to a dark area next to a car to urinate. Before he started, he was verbally threatened with words and body language. Scarred for his life, he and his friends began to leave. The doorman who had accosted him returned with several other security officers where they severely beat the plaintiffs causing severe brain injuries, broken jaw, and other significant permanent losses.
    • Raul Zamudio v. FMC
      Mr. Zamudio was cleaning a pulping machine that had been de-energized. While the machine lid was open, the pulper re-energized causing him to lose both of his arms above the elbow. Plaintiff contends the machine was defective in its manufacturing, design and/or warnings. Given the total loss of both arms, Mr. Zamudio struggles with normal activities of daily living, which is especially challenging given his age.
  • Avital Hasid v. Suzuki Motor Corporation
    Plaintiff was traveling on Sunset Boulevard when traffic began to stop in front of her. Unable to stop due to the brakes not working, she was forced to lay down her bike suffering severe brain injuries. Subsequent to the accident, it was learned that the brakes were defective and had been subject to a recall. Ms. Hasid has asserted a claim against both the manufacturer and the dealer who sold her the bike.

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