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Defective NutriBullet Lawsuits

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    A growing number of consumers are telling their horror stories of their experiences in using the NutriBullet, a small personal blender that people use to mix fruits and vegetables to make smoothies. Unfortunately, there is an increase in the number of people who have suffered varying injuries because of these defective devices. While some injuries are as benign as minor burns, others are catastrophic like severed fingers. And while this has been going on over the past several years, the company has chosen to blame the injured victims and claim that their product is safe.

    The First Complaint Opens the Flood Gates

    Reports began to surface about three years ago when users of the device were saying that it had exploded sending hot contents around the room and causing second-degree burns. This was not just an isolated incident, however, and people began to file products liability lawsuits. That prompted an investigation by the local opens in a new windowFox affiliate which spoke to numerous victims and each told a similar story. They said that they were blending some fruits and vegetables and included some liquid at room temperature, not too hot. Then after a certain period, the machine would fail to stop. When the victim would either try to pull the plug or open the container it would explode. They all said they received burns from the liquid, which the machine had heated up in the brief period that it was in the blender.

    NutriBullet and its subsidiaries have sold over 40 million of these dangerous blenders worldwide, with little concern for the safety dangers presented by their completely encapsulated design, which causes the blender’s contents to become over-pressurized and hyper-heated during use. The injuries that victims have suffered include severe lacerations, including the severing of fingers, and second degree burns when the encapsulated blender separates from the high-powered base during or after operation of the machine.

    NutriBullet is Blaming the Victims for Their Injuries

    Since 2017, a steady stream of injured consumers has been coming forward to voice their complaints about this product and the dangers it poses. However, rather than make any adjustments to fix the device or provide any relief to victims, the company has aggressively defended itself to a point where it has blamed the victims themselves for their own injuries. The only changes that the company has made is to add more warning labels. A new design is needed.

    The company has claimed that consumers have misused the product beyond what the instructions and warning label states causing the malfunctions to occur.

    The problem is over the past few weeks more victims are coming forward and they are disputing the claims that NutriBullet is making. Specifically, the company claims that the machine should not run beyond a minute nor should people put hot liquid in the machine.

    Crissundra Hall and Waldermar Morales are two new plaintiffs that say they followed the instructions of the machine and they still got hurt because of it. In Hall’s case, she mixed milk, a vegan protein powder, raspberries, blueberries, and flax seeds and ran it for almost 45 seconds. That was enough time for the device to get stuck. Hall pulled the plug and the device exploded. The cup of the machine flew up and hit her ceiling with such force that it cracked, and it sprayed hot liquid over Hall and her daughter, both of whom suffered burns. Morales was mixing a protein shake for 45 seconds when his device also got stuck. When he attempted to open it, it exploded. He too suffered second-degree burns all over his body.

    An Enlightening Video

    Soon after the lawsuits began to pile in, NutriBullet conducted a series of tests in China where it tested the durability of the devices. One video showed the blender exploding after blending water for a little more than 10 minutes. In the second video, they added 50 PSI of artificial pressure and turned the device on it. It exploded after two minutes of blending just water.

    Injured by a NutriBullet?

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