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The Dangers of Modern Exercise Equipment

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    The lawyers at ACTS Law will help you if you have been injured due to the faulty manufacturing or inadequate warning of certain exercise equipment.

    Millions of Americans have made exercise a part of their daily routine. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to modify their workout routines, especially if they went to a gym regularly. Many wanted to maintain their healthy lifestyle but were forced to stay home as the government orders closed down their gyms in response to the pandemic. Seeking alternatives to the gym, they began investing in home gym equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes.

    With most people forced to stay at home, and the demand for these machines at an all-time high, companies such as NordicTrack and Peloton thrived. Unfortunately, with unprecedented demand placed on marketing teams and production lines, there were increased chances of accidents and high-profile injuries related to these machines.

    In these situations, victims are entitled to compensation from the manufacturer and should contact a products liability lawyer to assist them in their case.

    What Machines Have Caused Significant Problems?

    Faulty manufacturing has led to minor injuries with the exercise bikes, and inadequate warnings have caused significant injuries with treadmills, including the death of children.

    These machines are two of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment purchased as a gym alternative. However, with unprecedented demand from consumers, defects are bound to occur.

    Another contributing factor is the inexperience of some users with these machines. A regular gym goer might know how to safely use a treadmill or keep their distance from someone who is working out, but someone who does not regularly go to the gym might not know how to properly use the equipment. This lack of understanding has led to its fair share of tragedy.

    Last year, the opens in a new windowConsumer Product Safety Commissioncreate new email estimated that there were 22,500 treadmill-related injuries in the United States, with about 2,000 involving children under eight years of age. Between 2018 and 2020, the agency said it received reports of 17 deaths related to the use of a treadmill, including one involving a five-year-old child.

    Child Killed in Horrific Treadmill Accident

    In March 2021, there was a report of the opens in a new windowtragic death of a three-year-old because of an accident with a Peloton Tread+ Treadmill. Peloton CEO John Foley announced the tragic news, but did not provide any further details. He did say that children need to keep away from the treadmills, especially when they are in use. He also said Peloton will be re-evaluating the treadmill’s warnings.

    Other stories followed, demonstrating that the three-year-old was the latest in a series of child-related injuries. Victims were injured because they got stuck as the treadmill was folded up. Foley spoke about the need for parents to keep the machines secured and locked away safely when not in use. Children should also not have access to the safety key.

    Although not disclosing the details of these accidents, companies have announced a commitment to improve their warning labels. If a company failed to warn consumers about the potential dangers of a piece of equipment, they can be held liable for any injuries that came as a result. A products liability lawyer will have the experience in this area and know how to prove liability.

    What Problems Have Occurred with Exercise Bikes?

    Exercise bikes have not been as deadly as treadmills, although they have caused their share of injuries. Peloton opens in a new windowreported problems their customers were having with the pedals. They reported the pedals would snap right off during a workout, causing severe lacerations. Hundreds of people complained about the incidents, prompting Peloton to announce a nationwide recall of more than 540,000 pedals on more than 27,000 bikes.

    The recall and sheer number of failures of the pedals demonstrate a defect in the manufacturing of the product, making the company liable for any damages that might have occurred.

    How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

    Peloton is fully aware of these incidents and has responded with public statements as well as with recalls and an attempt at enhancing their safety warnings on the machines. These injuries can be traumatic and lead to medical bills and time off from work. Our products liability lawyers have the experience to take on these big companies to help clients obtain the compensation they deserve.

    Los Angeles Products Liability Lawyers at ACTS Law Stands Up to Manufacturers of Faulty Exercise Equipment

    If you owned one of these treadmills or exercise bikes and you or a loved one suffered an injury, the Los Angeles products liability lawyers at ACTS Law can help you recoup the financial losses that you suffered. We are trial tested and zealous advocates for the rights of our clients. See how we have helped others, and how we can help you. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 833-ACTS-LAWopens phone dialer or contact us online.

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