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Montecito Mudslide Claims GB | Insurance Lawyers

Montecito Mudslide Insurance Claims

Property damage caused by the mudslides in Montecito can create havoc on your life and home. On top of recovering and repairing your house, you will still have to contend against insurance companies that might try to place the blame on your shoulders.

If your insurance company refuses to handle your claim in a timely manner or deny your claim completely, you’ll need experienced attorneys to defend your rights. The last thing you need is to have your claim denied, while facing the damages done to your home and property.

It’s best to seek legal advice as soon as possible after a mudslide, like the ones that occurred in Montecito, in order to avoid further problems from developing. An attorney can help you avoid deadlines and move quickly to get you the compensation you need.

Litigation Experience In Numerous Mudslide, Landslide and Flood Cases

The attorneys at ACTS Law have extensive experience in “disaster litigation,” including mudslides, landslides, floods, fires and earthquakes.

Attorney Terry Bailey has litigated many flood, mudslide and landslide cases to successful completion.  Mr. Bailey, a former general engineering contractor, brings a unique perspective to the investigation into the cause or causes of the particular disaster and works closely with our team of experts to formulate the appropriate repair plan.

Mr. Bailey has litigated landslide cases involving the White Point Landslide in San Pedro, multiple landslides in the Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Santa Cruz areas and major flood litigation in Moreno Valley.  Defendants included neighboring property owners, municipalities and Southern California Edison.

Our Mudslide Attorneys Get Results

At ACTS Law, not only do we have skilled and capable attorneys and staff to handle disaster litigation, we also have the financial resources to handle virtually any size case.

We also have the resources to litigate these cases through trial, if necessary.

Our firm works closely with some of the best-known engineering, architectural and general contractor experts in their respective fields.  Our experts have all testified at trial and are respected by both the defense bar and the judiciary.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Complicating factors are involved in a mudslide property damage claim. Your insurance company may try to lower the payment you’ll receive in the case of an incident—or worse, deny your claim completely.

There’s no reason you should allow them to treat you with less than what you deserve.

Instead, talk to an attorney at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP during a free consultation to find out more about your legal options. Even if you decide not to move forward with your case, we can provide you with a better understanding of your situation and help you make an educated decision.

Get A Free Initial Consultation & Inspection of Your Property

Consultations are completely free and require no commitments or obligations. If you speak to an attorney today, you can be assured that we will:

  • Provide a free initial consultation
  • Offer a free inspection of your property if warranted
  • Explain the legal process to you
  • Protect your best interests
  • Get you the help you’ll need
  • Help you make an informed decision
  • Answer all your questions
  • Charge you no fees or hidden costs

To get a free initial consultation with our lawyers and inspection of your property (if deemed appropriate), call us at (877) 234-5083opens phone dialer right now — or simply fill out the consultation request form below and we will promptly call you.

We stand ready to help you with your case.


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    A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19

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