Insurance companies consistently avoid paying the full amount of regular everyday individual’s property damage and loss.


At ACTS Law, we believe home is where the heart is. Any home, big or small, is the culmination of one’s hard work. With each day that passes by, the little space we call home becomes a sanctuary of memories for your family. Unfortunately, some of us are not fortunate to have the sanctity of our home untouched by life’s unexpected curve-balls. Fires. Earthquakes. Floods. Mudslides. Water damage. Each of these natural disasters have a way of flipping your life upside down.

Our team here at ACTS Law know just how can be scary to go from having your home the way you loved it to having a damaged property. Common sense and millions of dollars in advertising by insurance companies make you believe that your insurance company will be there for you when times are rough. Over 20 years of experience in this field has taught our law firm otherwise.

Insurance companies consistently avoid paying the full amount of regular everyday individual’s property damage and loss. Time after time, individuals call our office with stories with the same theme. Without fail, our clients tell us how they believed their insurance company would be there for them in the most trying of times. As our clients’ claims progressed, the once friendly insurance adjuster became a nasty adversary. Luckily for many of our clients, Alex Cohen and his team were able to join in the process and fight for them before it was too late!


  • Be Safe

    Do not enter a structure after a fire as it might be structurally unsafe and be environmentally contaminated. Never compromise your health and safety.

  • Report the Loss

    Immediately report the loss to your insurance carrier to help take care of your immediate needs such as relocating you and your family to a temporary housing. Your domestic pets are also entitled to pet boarding.

  • Get a Copy of Your Policy

    Contact your insurance agent and obtain a copy of your insurance policy, declaration page, as well as all endorsements to your policy. You will need these to review your available coverages and limits.

  • Take Photos and Videos

    Take lots of photos and videos of your property before discarding any debris. Preserve the evidence!

  • Ask for a Cash Advance

    Ask your Adjuster to provide you with an immediate cash advance for replacement of your personal property and for your living expenses. You are going to need the money.

  • Look for Old Photos and Videos

    Start looking for old photos and videos that you may have digitally saved on your phone, iCloud, or external hard drives. This will assist you when preparing your personal property list as well as document the condition and finishes of your property prior to the loss.

  • Keep a Journal For Your Claim

    While tedious, keep a daily journal concerning your claim. Take thorough notes of your conversations and write down the name and contact information of everyone you talk with. Write down the nature of your discussions as well as the date and time. This will create a time-line of events and help refresh your memory when needed.

  • Consult with Licensed Contractors

    Consult with Licensed contractors, professional personal property estimators, and attorneys specialized in property loss claims to assist and navigate you through this difficult process.

  • Cooperate With Your Insurance

    Cooperate at all times with your insurance adjuster and allow them to inspect your loss when requested.

  • Register With FEMA

    If the loss is a federally declared disaster, you will want to register with FEMA.

  • Seek Advice If Needed

    If your insurer is treating you unfairly and unreasonably, document their conduct in writing and seek the advice of counsel.

“I was able to get everything I was entitled to. I have referred these guys to all my friends and family.”

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