Tyga’s Debtor Examination Cut Short: “He Wasn’t Well Enough to Proceed”

Tyga’s Debtor Examination Cut Short: “He Wasn’t Well Enough to Proceed”

Tyga’s Debtor Examination Cut Short: “He Wasn’t Well Enough to Proceed”

The legal examination of Tyga’s financial issues has been pushed back.

Tyga, who is being sued by celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben (Jason of Beverly Hills), appeared at Arasheben’s attorneys’ office Tuesday morning for his scheduled examination, but had to call it quits early, E! News has learned. Danny Abir, attorney for Jason at the firm Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP, told us that Tyga felt ill during the examination and ended it.

“Tyga appeared at our office for the examination as planned this morning. He wasn’t well enough to proceed about two hours into the examination,” Abir explained.

“Considering there are a number of documents we had asked for him to produce that he had not brought with him, and the fact that we still have a lot more questions to ask, we have agreed for him to return with the documents on Nov. 1, 2016, for the remainder of the examination.”

As for what Abir meant by Tyga not being “well enough to proceed,” he clarified, “He expressed that he did not feel well enough to continue.”

Kylie Jenner, who E! News previously reported would be questioned in connection to the $200,000 lawsuit, will still be called in at a later date.

“Kylie Jenner’s examination under oath was pushed back and her attorney agreed to make her available on a 10 day notice if it’s deemed necessary once we are done with him,” Abir added.
The six-figure lawsuit stems back to a 2013 unpaid purchase of a watch and chain, but Kylie will be questioned over the source of finances used to buy gifts for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Abir told E! News in September.

Multiple sources previously told E! News Tyga’s financial troubles are in fact true, and another insider told us the couple “shares funds.” A source also told E! News that questioning Kylie is a tactic that will force Tyga to pay up.

“Going after the Kardashian’s is the only way he’ll get what he’s owed. Kylie is really upset about it,” the source said.

Earlier this year Tyga was also involved in another legal snafu that involved his landlord. The “Rack City” rapper and his attorney reached a settlement in a separate $480,285 eviction case.

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