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How Much is My Uber/Lyft Claim Worth?

Ridesharing drivers and passengers may become involved in a motor vehicle accident. Drivers of other vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists may also be hurt in an accident with a vehicle being driven by an Uber or Lyft driver. When such an accident results in injuries, the injured party may wonder how much compensation they can collect.

There are two factors that determine the amount of money a rideshare accident victim may recover. First, the extent of the injuries and the associated costs will be considered. The second determining factor is the circumstances surrounding the rideshare driver’s on-duty status, which will establish who’s insurance policy will cover the claim and what compensation limits are in place.


How severe the injuries are will generally increase the potential for more costs. When compensation amounts are determined, economic and non-economic factors are considered, which include:

  • Medical Expenses: Costs for any immediate emergency medical attention, as well as ongoing treatments, physical therapy sessions, medications, or assistive devices. In addition, anticipated future medical expenses are considered.
  • Lost Wages: If the injury prevents the victim from returning to work temporarily or indefinitely, this will be reflected in the compensation amount.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Other harm, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of quality of life, and loss of consortium are also considered.

Insurance Coverage

In typical car accidents, the injuries and damage incurred would be covered by the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver. Uber and Lyft coverage is more complicated. In some cases, an accident caused by an Uber or Lyft driver would be covered by their personal insurance. Under other circumstances, the claims would be covered by the company’s insurance policy. When the company’s insurance comes into play, the coverage is affected by what duty the driver was performing at the time the accident occurred. When the driver is transporting a passenger, on their way to pick up a passenger, or awaiting a fare with the app, the company’s coverage is in effect, but there are different policies in place, which include:

  • Off-duty drivers: Claims go through the driver’s personal insurance.
  • On-duty drivers: When a driver is logged in to accept rides, but not currently engaged in a ride request, the rideshare company’s liability insurance is in effect. Both Uber and Lyft carry $50,000 per person, $100,000 per incident.
  • Driver is en route to pick up: Once the driver accepts a fare, the company’s commercial insurance policy becomes active, increasing the insurance coverage to $1 million, covering liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and collision claims.
  • Driver with onboard passenger: The $1 million commercial policy mentioned above covers the driver and passengers, as well as other individuals injured by the rideshare driver.

LA Catastrophic Injury Attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP Help Rideshare Accident Victims Collect Damages

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