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Water Leak Insurance Claims

Water Leak Insurance Claims

Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. A water leak can start off small, then grow bigger until your home is ridden with mold, bacteria, and health hazards. The last thing you’ll want to hear is that your insurance company refuses to pay you the compensation you need for repair costs, or even denies your claim completely. If your insurance company offers a lower amount than you deserve, contact the lawyers at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP for help. We have years of experience handling property damage claims and can get you the settlement you need to recover from your property damage.

Causes of Water Leak Damage

Water leaks happen for a number of reasons, and the havoc they wreak is in numerous. Among a number of factors, those that contribute to water leak damage include: Rain Wind Snowstorms Roof leakage Pipe burst Plumbing damage

As a result of water leak damage, your home might be at risk for:


  • Mold and bacteria
  • Heating and electricity damage
  • Roof leakage
  • Hidden damages and health hazards

Once you discover that your home is afflicted with water leak damage, you need to act quickly to repair the harm done to your property. Repair costs add up, and if your insurance company doesn’t want to pay the settlement that you deserve, then you have a right to stand up for yourself. Our attorneys can help you file claims and get the compensation you deserve.

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Because we don’t get paid until we win your case, you have nothing to lose by calling. Consultations are free and we never charge for our services until after we get you the money you deserve. Speak to an attorney at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP today and we’ll:

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We’re Here to Help You

Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP have years of experience handling property damage claims. We believe in fighting for the rights of clients who have been wronged by large corporations. There’s no reason that you should allow these insurance companies to take advantage of you. Hire our attorneys to fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call us at (888) 20-CLAIM for a free consultation to find out more about what we can do for you. Simultaneously, you may choose to fill out the free case evaluation form to reach an attorney at our office. Learn how we can make a difference in your life today.


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    A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

    A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19

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