TYGA’S MUSIC CO. OWES $248K TO INJURED FAN Tyga’s either a sore loser or can’t get his legal ducks in a row — his music company owes big money to a concertgoer who sued 2 years ago, but still hasn’t been paid. Shocking, right? Quick backstory: Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s co. after a light stand fell and hit her in the head during one of his concerts in Grand Rapids, MI. She says she suffered head trauma and permanent scarring. Shyanne sued in 2015 and finally scored a victory last year, with a judge awarding her about $235k. Thing is … Tyga Music hasn’t cutRead More →

NUTRIBULLET SUED IT CHOPPED MY TOMATOES AND MY HAND A Nutribullet allegedly did what its name insinuates … it shot like a bullet through a woman’s hand, tearing it apart. Wendy Littlefield claims in a new lawsuit she was blending canned tomatoes and beans when her NutriBullet 900 series exploded without warning, sending the blades spinning smack into her right hand. The pictures are super gnarly. Wendy says she endured multiple surgeries but still lost feeling and use of 2 fingers. Wendy’s attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP, add this isn’t an isolated incident … they’ve filed similar lawsuits on behalf of at leastRead More →

JENNI RIVERA PLANE CRASH – YOU OWE US MILLIONS, PAY UP! Families Prep for Battle The families of Jenni Rivera’s entourage members killed in her plane crash are tired of waiting for the multimillion dollar judgment they were awarded, so they’ve called in the big guns to collect. We’re told 7 family members of Jenni’s publicist, makeup artist, hairstylist and lawyer have retained a firm to get the $70 million Starwood Management — owners of the doomed Learjet — was ordered to pay 2 months ago. Attorney Danny Abir tells us his firm plans to go after Starwood assets, which include at least two airplanes.Read More →

KYLIE JENNER GETTING GRILLED OVER TYGA’S DOUGH now square in the middle of Tyga’s financial nightmare, and it means she might have to sing like a canary about the expensive gifts he’s bought her … TMZ has learned. According to docs obtained by TMZ … Kylie’s agreed to answer questions about her bf’s finances. As we’ve reported … celeb jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, is going after him for a $200k debt — and this is the next step. Since Tyga has a history of buying Kylie big ticket items, like a brand new Maybach, we’re told the jeweler’s law firm — Abir, Cohen, Treyzon,Read More →

Tyga Famous Jeweler Declares War Tyga may have opened the floodgates when he paid a fat settlement to an old landlord — ’cause a celebrity jeweler was paying attention … and hired the SAME LAWYERS to collect on his $200k debt. The man with the vendetta is Jason of Beverly Hills — who claims he got screwed out of some serious cash when Tyga stiffed him in a 2013 jewelry deal for a sick watch and chain. Jason went to court and got a $200,000 judgment against Tyga — but he hasn’t seen a single cent and was getting sick and tired of chasing hisRead More →

TYGA Cuts Check To Landlord ARREST WARRANT NOW IN LIMBO Tyga apparently just realized … he’s playing with fire by ignoring a court judgment that resulted in a warrant for his arrest, because we’ve learned he just cut a check to his former landlord. TMZ broke the story … Tyga’s former landlord got a $480,000 judgment for back rent and damage to the Malibu rental. Our sources say Tyga’s attorney and the landlord’s law firm, Abir, Cohen, Treyzon and Salo, just settled the case. We’re told the settlement is for less than the $480,000, but no one is saying how many cents on the dollarRead More →