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Tenants in a Lancaster property caused a fire loss, beginning from the bedroom. ACTS Law settled the claim and was issued payment from the insurance company within one week after the loss. The claim settled at policy limits, including rental reimbursement, for a total of $381,000

Premises Liability case against large Supermarket chain. Plaintiff, an independent widow, was checking out at her local grocery store when a box of Kitty Litter fell off her shopping cart and onto her leg, causing laceration injuries. The case was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Spring Street Courthouse. ACTS immediately moved for trial preference and succeeded, securing a trial date despite complications imposed by the COVID pandemic. After overcoming complex causation issues, trial continuances, and laborious expert preparation, ACTS successfully resolved the case for an award in the seven-figures.

Semi-Truck versus Semi-Truck collision on the I-5 southbound Interstate. Plaintiff was violently rear-ended at a high rate of speed and thrusted into a delivery vehicle in front of him causing a subsequent forceful collision. The collisions resulted in serious and life altering injuries to Plaintiff. The case was filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District and ACTS successfully recovered the insured’s full commercial insurance policy limits.

Construction defect lawsuit arising from property damage at a custom-built single-family residence with a solar powered roof.  After multiple rounds of mediation failed to settle the case after 1.5 years, ACTS proceeded to litigate the action towards trial.  As trial approached, the defendants sought to delay the trial, but ACTS convinced the judge to keep the initial trial date.  Shortly after taking the deposition of Plaintiffs’ construction defect expert, the defendants re-engaged in settlement discussions through the mediator.  As a result, ACTS recovered partial settlements with the general contractor and subcontractors that total in the low seven figures, and is currently set to try the case against the remaining defendant.

Insurance dispute arising from the burglary and destruction of a computer repair and assembly business specializing in cryptocurrency “mining” machines.  After the insurer delayed paying the business for many months, and ultimately denied most of the claim, the business failed.  ACTS filed a lawsuit on the insured’s behalf.  At mediation, the case settled in the mid-six figures.

Client’s home in Woodland Hills suffered severe water damage from an air conditioning unit in the attic causing damage to the travertine flooring. $528,610.54

Plaintiff was a novice bull rider that rode for Defendant’s for-profit rodeo. Defendants increased the risk involved in bull riding by failing to provide safety equipment and/or training such as mandating helmets and vests, positioning the bull in the wrong direction and opening the chute the wrong way. As a proximate result, plaintiff was dragged and thrown by the bull resulting in severe catastrophic brain injuries and orthopedic damages. $800,000.

A garment importing business in California saw its main building destroyed in a fire in 2018. The fire injured three
firefighters, one of whom suffered critical injuries. Due to the blaze, the garment business lost a significant amount of
valuable machinery and inventory. ACTS filed a lawsuit on the company’s behalf when evidence indicated that the
cause of the fire was a negligent contractor. At mediation, the case settled for a seven-figure sum.

Plaintiff, A “mom-and-pop” business, was cheated out of a contract and forced out of business. $1 Million.

Plaintiff’s home suffered water damage that was caused by a sink. $1.1 Million.

Settlement in a premises liability action where a patron of a popular San Diego bar was assaulted by a security guard.

Plaintiff, an oil field worker, was working on an oil-well located in Bakersfield, California. While performing testing on the oil-well, a dry tool used for pressure testing detached and shot out, striking plaintiff in the head. As a result of the subcontractors’ failure to perform the testing in a safe and reasonable manner, plaintiff sustained catastrophic injuries, including a broken rib, two broken vertebrae, a concussion, scalp laceration, and bilateral pulmonary contusions. $1.5 million.

Plaintiff was struck by a left turning motor vehicle. $1.5 Million.

Plaintiff, an 84-year-old cancer survivor, was taken advantage of through an overt Ponzi-scheme. Defendants preyed on the age and fragility of our client by borrowing over $1,000,000 in hopes to never repay the promissory notes. $1.76 Million.

Plaintiff’s home suffered extreme water damage that was caused by a broken supply line. $1.8 Million.

Plaintiff, Husband of wrongful death victim, sued Defendant’s motel for lack of security after she was brutally attacked by her assailant on premises while walking her dog at the designated pet area. $2 million.

A settlement has been reached in a federal wrongful death lawsuit filed by ACTS Law against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) for the death of Tashi S. Farmer. The lawyers involved in the case believe the settlement is the largest ever in a lawsuit alleging misconduct by the LVMPD.

This loss was a result of a burst supply line in the laundry room. Water flooded three floors of this residential property and was trapped under the limestone flooring. After the tiles were removed to dry the wet sub-floors, Nationwide had to pay to replace all flooring throughout the entire 15,000 sq. ft. property. In order to effectuate the repairs, Nationwide paid for the replacement of the kitchen cabinetry and many other fixtures throughout the property leading to a total settlement of $2.45 million.

Plaintiff sued a major tire manufacturer for wrongful death as a result of a failed tire. $2.897 million.

Plaintiff’s home was destroyed due to the Malibu, California fires. $3 Million.

Plaintiffs own a three story 14,000 sq. ft. mansion in Beverly Hills worth approximately $50,000,000 that suffered extensive water damage when a pressurized pipe located in the 3rd floor laundry room burst, causing water to flow down all the way to the 1st floor. The water became trapped under the travertine floors on the 2nd and 3rd floor, incapable of being dried down. The house was custom built by a developer, leaving no stones unturned. The travertine floors were custom designed with beveled edges and the affected walls were made of beautiful venetian plaster. While a very close travertine floor was found to match the existing floors, it was impossible to blend the new tiles to the existing tiles without disturbing and affecting the reasonable uniform appearance. Insured’s demand to settle the claim to replace the floors. $3 Million.

Plaintiffs went to the Arts District Bar to hang out. After leaving, one of them asked for re-entrance to use the restroom. The doormen refused re-entry. Plaintiff crossed the street to a dark area, next to a car, to urinate. Before he started, he was verbally threatened by the doorman who refused re-entry, with words and body language. Scared for his life, he and his friends began to leave. The doorman who had accosted him returned with several other security officers where they severely beat the plaintiffs causing brain injuries, broken jaw, and other permanent losses. $3.5 Million.

Plaintiff was beaten by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department. The beating was captured on video tape and received National and International media attention. $3.8 million.

Plaintiff sued his former employer Wawona Packing Company over serious injuries he received from a car crash. $4.5 million.

Defendant executed a promissory note, with a personal guaranty, and secured it by a deed of trust, in the amount of $5.8 million, to Trident Real Estate Advisors, LLC for real estate services. Trident sold that interest to our client. Upon attempting to collect the $5.8 million from Defendant, he later denied the transaction amount, arguing it was a $5.3 million cash loan. $5.8 Million.

Plaintiff was shot at a hotel. $10.5 Million.

Plaintiffs are a community that was exposed to hexavalent chromium. $31 Million.

Plaintiffs are a community that was contaminated with benzene and other toxic chemicals. $120 Million.

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