ACTS Law Attorneys Secure $3.5 M Settlement on Behalf of Patrons Assaulted by Bouncers

ACTS Law Attorneys Secure $3.5 M Settlement on Behalf of Patrons Assaulted by Bouncers

LOS ANGELES, Calf. (July 17, 2019)— Arts District Brewing Company, considered one of LA’s most popular craft beer breweries, has agreed to pay $3.5 million to avoid a civil trial involving two men beaten by several security guards. The most severely injured plaintiff, 26-year-old Jonathan Miron suffered a traumatic brain injury after his head struck the pavement following an altercation with several bouncers.

“This resolution is about holding this local establishment accountable for failing to properly train and supervise its employees,” said plaintiff attorney Boris Treyzon with ACTS Law. “These security guards engaged in excessive and unreasonable force and my clients suffered unnecessarily,” added Rochen.

The incident happened on September 18, 2016 when Miron and a group of friends including plaintiff, Edyerch Ramirez met for drinks at the Arts District Brewing Company. After leaving the establishment for the night, Ramirez asked to re-enter the brewery to use the restroom.

According to the complaint, a security guard denied Ramirez re-entry just to use the bathroom so he left the premises and walked across the street towards a car where he intended to urinate. Before Ramirez could unzip his pants, two security guards ran towards him and became verbally aggressive. Watching the heated discussion between Ramirez and the uniformed security guards, Miron grew concerned for his friend and walked over towards the car.

The two bouncers ran back into the brewery and brought two or three additional guards back outside and approached the patrons. One of the guards punched Miron in the face. He fell backward, slammed his head against the concrete and immediately lost consciousness. The guards also punched and kicked Ramirez in the head which left him with a broken jaw. His portion of the settlement is $100,000.

Miron was hospitalized and spent several days in a coma. His injuries included fractured facial bones and bleeding inside his brain. “This attack caused life-altering injuries to my client, who lost his job, his fiancée and is struggling to rebuild his life,” said plaintiff attorney Doug Rochen. “This settlement will hopefully help Mr. Miron get his life back on track.”

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