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Property Damage

Property Damage

13 Aug

Los Angeles Earthquake Damage Attorneys

Earthquakes can strike suddenly and cause significant damage. From injuries to property destruction, the aftermath of an earthquake can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many homeowners face f...

28 Jul

Los Angeles Landslide Damage Attorneys

Experiencing landslide damage can be a devastating event that affects both your life and your home. Amidst the process of recovering and repairing your house, you may also find yourself deal...

15 Jul

Property Damage Laws in California 

It is critical to understand how California state law defines personal property and loss of use. Understanding the claims procedure can help you make sure you get the insurance payout you ar...

9 Jun

Los Angeles Mold Damage Attorneys

Our team of Los Angeles property damage lawyers specializes in assisting homeowners with mold damage claims. When mold growth becomes uncontrollable, it can lead to a decline in property val...

8 Jun

Los Angeles Water Damage Attorneys

When major disasters such as hurricanes, mudslides, or heavy rainfall occur, properties are at risk of flooding, which can result in significant damage. Typically, property owners need to ob...

5 May

Bad Faith Lawsuits After Wildfire Damage

The National Interagency Fire Center reported a total of 9,280 total wildfires in California in 2021, causing damage to more than 2.3 million acres. The state’s pace has not slowed much in...

12 Oct

Who is Responsible for Water Damage Caused by My Contractor?

When you hire a contractor for a major renovation, a home improvement project, or a minor repair, you expect the contractor to be thorough, detail-oriented, and able to anticipate and addres...

24 Sep

Why Should I Have a Wildfire Evacuation Plan?

If you live in certain areas of California, you are probably no stranger to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, drought, and landslides. While California is known for its blue skies and ...

30 Jun

Why Homeowners Should Consult a Lawyer on Construction Defects

Homeowners across the globe are struck with sorrow and fear from the ongoing tragedy in Surfside, Florida, as investigators search for survivors from a condominium building that partially co...

2 Mar

Recent Santa Ana Wind Damage Reported in Southern California

The Santa Ana winds are being blamed for significant wind damage that hit the Southern California region in late February. The winds caused overturned vehicles and a few local fires. The San...

25 Nov

How Can I Avoid Property Damage This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family, enjoy a delicious feast, and reflect on the things that people are thankful for in their life. The last thing people expect to happen...

3 Nov

How Do I Recover Compensation for Property Damage from a Wildfire?

California is no stranger to wildfires, but 2020 has been one of the most devastating wildfire seasons in decades. In addition to the tragic loss of wildlife, millions of acres of land have b...

6 Oct

What Do I Need to Know About Construction Defects?

When a home, office building, or any other structure is being built, defects can occur during various phases of the construction process. In most cases, these defects are relatively minor and...

10 Sep

Wildfires Continue to Cause Destruction and Damage Throughout California

The California wildfires continue to cause property damage, personal injury, and death throughout the northern portion of the state. The fires are driven by high winds and heat waves, and hav...

24 Aug

How can Residents File a Claim for Property Damage Caused by an Earthquake?

Most California residents have experienced an earthquake at some point, particularly if they have lived in the state for their entire lives. Of the significant earthquakes that occurred in th...

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